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Guns and Roses: Reading for Gender in The Rose of Rhodesia

Abstract “Could this be Lord Cholmondeley?” wonders Rose Randall, The Rose of Rhodesia’s magazine-reading heroine, when a scruffy stranger arrives at her door. Rose’s weakness for romantic fiction is an obvious vehicle for comedy, but is it just coincidence that her magazine story is also set in Rhodesia? As this essay shows, the fact that the film’s Rhodesian heroine is also …

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Introduction: Ireland’s Own Film

Click here to view Knocknagow (1918) In January 1920, an Irish-made film received the following tribute from a leading Dublin newspaper: It is common talk among exhibitors in Ireland that no picture was ever shown in the country that secured anything like the enthusiastic support given to Knocknagow. It is probably the only picture that is given repeats in nearly …

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