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Heritage and Post-Heritage: The House of Mirth on Page and Screen

Abstract In the critical discourse surrounding filmic adaptations of literary works, the concept of “fidelity” frequently rears its ugly head – the idea that a film’s literary source material is a sacrosanct text, and that any changes to plot, character or theme are somehow violations of a prior artistic vision. In 2000, English director Terence Davies was subjected to numerous …

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Into the Neon Horizon: The Postmodern Vision of Walter Hill

To date, filmmaker Walter Hill has received relatively little scholarly attention – this, despite Michael J. Anderson’s contention that “the director’s exceptionally rich first decade of productivity” constitutes “one of the finest of any American filmmaker” of the New Hollywood generation. [1] On those occasions when he is singled out for critical attention (usually of the journalistic as opposed to academic …

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