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Editorial Team:

Founding Editor:  Ina Bertrand

Editors:  Anna Dzenis, Adrian Martin, Raffaele Caputo

Editorial Assistants: Eloise Ross, Emily Dutton, Lara Perski

Web design:  Andrey Walkling, Raffaele Caputo and Anthony Clapp


Editorial Board:

Chris Berry UK
Tim Groves New Zealand
Richard Maltby Australia
Sam Rohdie USA
Harriet Margolis New Zealand
Keyan Tomaselli South Africa
Yuri Tsivian USA
Con Verevis Australia
Janet Wasko USA
Darren Tofts Australia
Deane Williams Australia
Aaron Gerow USA


Editorial Policy

Screening the Past is concerned with:

  • the history of photography, film, television and multimedia;
  • the representation of history on/in these media;
  • the role of these media in social history;
  • the history and development of critical and theoretical analysis in these areas.

It publishes material of interest to historians of film and media, to film and media scholars, to social historians interested in the place of film and media within general history, to film makers interested in the history of their craft or in representing history through their productions, to film and media librarians and archivists.  The editorial team invites and encourages submissions across the full spectrum of international film history.



We welcome original articles, and proposals, in all areas of visual media and history.Please direct all queries, proposals and articles to A.Dzenis@latrobe.edu.au

  • Manuscripts should be submitted (as email attachments) in Word using Chicago referencing style.
  • Submissions should be no longer than 10,000 words, including endnotes, references etc..
  • All submissions should include name, institutional affiliation, email, title of the text and the section for which it is submitted.
  • All original submissions of articles and reviews should be accompanied by a short paragraph about the contributor, giving the kind of information that readers may wish to know, such as name, institutional affiliation, recent publications, research interests.



Our thanks go to the following people for peer review of submissions: Barbara Abrash, Ian Aitken, Mark Anderson, David Baker, Greg Battye, Chris Berry, Ina Bertrand, Kevin Brianton, Nicole Brenez, Michael Broderick, Jodi Brooks, RexButler, Raffaele Caputo,Lee Carruthers, Dean Chan, Ian Christie, Felicity Collins, Christine Cornea, Barbara Creed, Dennis Cryle, Adrian Danks,Therese Davies, Darrell Davis, Jeannette Delamoir, David Dorward, Anna Dzenis, Dirk Eitzen, Hamish Ford, Catherine Fowler, Freda Freiberg, Lisa French, Aaron Gerow, Ross Gibson, Michael Goddard, Helen Grace, Tim Groves, Annette Hamilton, Sue Harper, Wendy Haslem, Susan Hess, Steven P. Hill, Roger Hillman, Sam Hinton, Peter Hughes, Andrew Hurley, Laleen Jayamanne, Tamar Jeffers McDonald, Olivia Khoo, Noel King, Adam Knee, George Kouvaros, Mark Langer, Gillian Leahy, Nikki Ji-Yeon Lee,SylvieLindeperg, Arthur Lindley, Benjamin McCann, Brigid McCarthy, Paul McDonald, Brian McFarlane, Lianne McLarty, Scott McQuire, Richard Maltby, Harriet Margolis, Laura U. Marks, Adrian Martin, Jenna Mead, Annella Mendoza, Martin Mhando, Daniel Morgan, Negar Mottahedeh, Liam Murphy, Gabrielle Murray, John C. Murray, Angela Ndalianis, Rajeev Patke, Manji Pendakur, Gilberto Perez, Claire Perkins, Richard Raskin, Thomas Redwood, Michael Renov, Sam Rohdie, Jane Roscoe, Jonathan Rosenbaum, William D. Routt, Eva Rueschmann, Jeffrey Ruoff, Stephen Rust, Tom Ryan, Steven Rybin, Simon Sigley, Rochelle Simmons, Catherine Simpson, Robert Sinnerbrink, Neil R. Sinyard, Belinda Smaill, Jo Smith, Richard Smith, Aaron Smuts, David Sterritt, Savitry Taylor, John Tebbutt, Stephen Teo, R. J. Thompson, Temenuga Trifonova, Daren Tofts, Keyan Tomaselli, Lisa Trahair, Susan Turnbull, N. Frank Ukadike, Annie van den Oever, Ruth Vasey, Con Verevis, Deb Verhoeven, Terrie Waddell, Mike Walsh, Saige Walton, Charles Warren, Janet Wasko, Chris Watson, Jake Wilson, Brian Yecies, Audrey Yue, Yeh Yueh Yu, Patricia Zimmerman, Lawrie Zion.

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