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“A Great New Field for Women Folk”: Newspapers and the Movies, 1911-1916

Over the past few years, I have been researching American newspaper writing about motion pictures in the early and mid-1910s. That research has led me to argue that (1) newspaper writing played a crucial role in creating a popular film culture that supported and sustained the new industry’s spectacular growth as a mass entertainment; and (2) women, many long forgotten, …

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Introduction to Moussinac’s “Cinema: Social means of Expression”

Uploaded 15 September Léon Moussinac (1890-1964) was one of the most prolific and influential French critics/theorists of cinema during the 1920s. A boyhood friend of Louis Delluc in Bordeaux, Moussinac did three years of military service beginning in 1910 and then was recalled into the French army during World War I. He aspired to be writer and tried his hand …

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