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Saving Cinema: The Politics of Preservation

Caroline Frick, Saving Cinema: The Politics of Preservation New York, Oxford University Press, 2011 ISBN13: 9780195368116 US$27.95 (pb) 232pp (Review copy supplied by Oxford University Press) Compared to the vast quantum of cinema literature, books on film archives and the preservation process are relatively few, and those that concentrate on the history and politics of archiving – as opposed to …

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AV Archiving: Changes, Choices and Challenges

Abstract William D. Routt has argued (elsewhere in this publication) that, despite a tendency on the part of film analysts to assume the text under discussion is stable and constant, “textual plurality is a condition of the study of film”. Professional audio-visual archivists face this problem daily. It is one aspect of the question of textual integrity – a subject …

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A Case of Mistaken Identity: Governance, Guardianship and the ScreenSound Saga

Uploaded 20 September 2002 This article explores some issues of perception, presentation, governance and guardianship for cultural institutions, and in particular the crucial importance of a custodial institution’s name, by using the National Film and Sound Archive experience as a case study which illustrates the risks of radical renaming. For consistency, I refer to the institution throughout by the name …

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