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The Aquarium Syndrome: On the Films of Michael Mann

Here [the Santa Monica Pier] at dawn, is one of the most insignificant shorelines in the world, just a place to go fishing. The Western World ends on a shore devoid of signification, like a journey that loses all meaning when it reaches its end. The immense metropolis of Los Angeles peters out here in the sea like a desert, …

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Jazz and Cinema: An Interview with Gilles Mouëllic

Translated by Adrian Martin Jean-Baptiste Thoret: Your book title (Jazz et cinéma, Paris: Cahiers du cinéma, 2000) suggests almost an opposition in kind – as if there was jazz on one side, cinema on the other. But, all through the book, you never cease demonstrating the symbolic link between the two … Gilles Mouëllic: Effectively, the book could have been …

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