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Affectless Empathy, Embodied Imagination and The Killer Inside Me

Is it possible for an emotionless psychopath such as Deputy Sheriff Lou Ford (played by Casey Affleck), the mild-mannered murderer in Michael Winterbottom’s The Killer Inside Me (2010), to experience empathy? [1] This article analyses the interface between the spectator and the screen in this potent film, a crime thriller adapted from Jim Thompson’s brutal novel of the same title (1952). [2] It tests …

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Mapping the Cinematic Journey of Alexander Pearce, Cannibal Convict

Introduction The story of Alexander Pearce’s arduous journey through southwest Tasmania and the gruesome fate that befell his comrades on their famishing trek across the island state has been narrated many times in song, on the stage, in print, and on screen. Most famously, the story of Pearce’s escape with seven other convicts from the Sarah Island penitentiary in Macquarie …

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