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First Nation Cinema: Hollywood’s Indigenous ‘Other’

Every voyage can be said to involve a re-siting of boundaries … an undetermined journeying practice, having constantly to negotiate between home and abroad, native culture and adopted culture, or more creatively speaking, between a here, a there, and an elsewhere. Trinh T. Minh-Ha.[1] Ever since the Oscar-nominated Ofela? (The Pathfinder, 1987) by Sami director Nils Gaup, and the Maori films, Ngati (Barry …

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Bordering Activity in Ivan Sen’s Film Toomelah (2011)

Abstract: This article explores how the film Toomelah (2011) by Australian Indigenous filmmaker Ivan Sen amounts to an affirmation of the values of intercultural dialogue between peoples who do not always see the world in the same ways as each other. A descendant of the Gamilaroi [1] people of northwest New South Wales and also of Hungarian, German, and Croatian descent, …

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