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Cause and Effect in Merci pour le chocolat

The impact of Hitchcock’s work on that of Claude Chabrol is well known and when Merci pour le chocolat was released in 2000, some critics commented on what they saw as Hitchcock’s influence, referring to Notorious (1946) and Suspicion (1941). [1] However, Merci pour le chocolat does more than just re-use a Hitchcockian device; it exhibits a network of inheritances, including …

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Settings and Performances in Late Autumn (Yasujiro Ozu, 1960)

English-language Ozu scholarship was established by the pioneering work of Paul Schrader (1972), Donald Richie (1974), Noël Burch (1979), David Bordwell (1976 and 1988) and Kristin Thompson (1976 and 1988). [1] However, Adam Mars-Jones is accurate when he summarises the frustrations of Ozu lovers looking for sustained interpretations of individual Ozu films: “the history of his films’ reception in the …

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