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Spectres of Revolution and Reality: Paris, Performance, and Virtuality in Jacques Rivette’s Out 1

“Rien n’aura eu lieu que le lieu” (Nothing will have taken place but the place) – Stéphane Mallarmé, cited in Paris nous appartient (Jacques Rivette, 1961) Many of the themes and approaches to cinematic form seen in Jacques Rivette’s nearly thirteen-hour Out 1: Noli Me Tangere (1971) – known in English simply as Out 1 – were already present in …

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Film Modernism

Sam Rohdie Film Modernism Manchester University Press, 2015 ISBN: 978-0-7190-9928-1 Au$43.95 (pb) 256pp (Review copy supplied by Manchester University Press) The Traveller When the globetrotting Australian film scholar Sam Rohdie died in April of 2015, academic film studies and cinephile culture lost a unique voice. Teaching and writing variously in Australia, Ghana, Britain, Hong Kong, and in his final years …

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On Slippery Ground: Robert Altman, Beyond Hollywood or Modernism

INTRODUCTION The New Hollywood Question What is the continuing appeal of Robert Altman’s 1970s cinema? If his once much-discussed and often critically praised films from the first half of that much-mythologised decade remain of interest beyond being historical museum pieces exemplifying the more progressive edge of pre-Jaws (Stephen Spielberg, 1975) and Star Wars (George Lucas, 1977) New Hollywood, what drives …

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